El Caballero


Anonymous said: hey rich, this is shawn ahmed from the art show. your stuff is awesome, really love the mono lake one, never been there but looks like i have to! The panoramic of the south american 15000 ft elevation mountain top is sick! what kind of macro lens are you using?

Hey Shawn, Great to hear from you!
I have a late 80’s Nikkor 60mm.
The trek up the mountain was so sketchy. The last 500ft was a terrifying ascent up a waterfall lined with boulders and loose rocks. Some parts required hanging my legs off a 200ft drop and scurrying up a slanted ledge on my belly, pulling myself up a rope tied to something unknown above. I nearly peed my pants.


March 2013

Got a little bit Weston with this one.

Lazy Morning

The start of a new series.

April 2013

Self Portrait


Desert Plant

December 2011


2011 Fuji Track 2.0

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